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Western Leasing and Sales serves waste haulers in Twin Falls and the Magic Valley with quality used garbage trucks and waste handling equipment!  Our used equipment inventory will consist of, but not be limited to:  front loader garbage trucks, rear loader garbage trucks, side loader garbage trucks, recycle trucks, container delivery trucks, cable roll-off hoists, hook lift roll-off hoists, balers, and compactors.

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Western Leasing and Sales is the name to count on for quality refuse equipment at competitive prices in Twin Falls and the Magic Valley.

As a proud dealer of used refuse equipment, Western Leasing and Sales is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Whether it’s for a used garbage truck purchase or to help locate the garbage truck of your dreams, we are here to satisfy your love of garbage.

Our Waste Handling Equipment

At Western Leasing and Sales, we're not just about vehicles; we're about empowering your waste management solutions. With a selection that includes the latest in auto side loader trucks and durable rear loaders, our inventory is crafted to boost your operational success. Whether your goal is to increase efficiency or to grow your fleet, we provide the essential equipment for exceptional service.

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About Western Leasing and Sales In Twin Falls & The Magic Valley

Western Leasing and Sales opened for business in 2018 under the knowledge and leadership of numerous key members of Western Waste Services. Western Leasing and Sales possess extensive knowledge of refuse trucks and associated equipment in Twin Falls and the Magic Valley. The team understands the importance of refuse equipment in driving a companyʼs efficiency and effectiveness and are proud to have a business based on the core values of honesty and integrity. Western Leasing and Sales is a company built on customer satisfaction.


Additional arrangements may be made through our partners or yours.

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The waste management sector in the United States generates an impressive annual revenue exceeding $50 billion. This industry continues to grow, spurred by escalating demands attributed to a rising population and an increase in consumer consumption. Post World War II, the blossoming U.S. economy and suburban growth spurred waste disposal into becoming a prominent industry. The introduction of stricter federal anti-pollution laws in the 1960s, such as the Solid Waste Disposal Act of 1965, dictated that waste needed professional disposal methods, eliminating the possibility for individuals to burn garbage in incinerators. Additionally, the comprehensive environmental legislation from the 1960s and 1970s mandated the safe disposal of industrial waste, giving birth to another dimension of waste management. As current landfills reach saturation, a significant number of waste collection services have begun to offer recycling services in tandem with routine collection, thus propelling further expansion within the industry.

Should you contemplate venturing into the waste collection business in Twin Falls or the Magic Valley, bear in mind the importance of having the right equipment! From garbage trucks to recycling trucks, trash compactors, or any other waste collection gear, we're here to assist you!